AccessPrevention Law
Approved Gun Safes
Security Sys Guidlines

Awareness To The Problems Of Kids And Guns

To prevent children or criminals from gaining access to firearms, there must be required and enforced safety standards for firearms.  Firearm Security Systems that meet the Stop Our Shootings Standards and Guidelines must be tested and certified and follow these guidelines:

  1. Prevent weapons from being removed from the owner's residence.

  2. Prevent weapons from being accessed and/or fired by an unauthorized user.

  3. Security system can not be broken, bypassed or tampered with by an unauthorized user.

  4. Security system does not pose a danger to person applying it to the loaded or unloaded firearm.

  5. Systems can not be secured by a keyed lock and must be tamper proof.

  6. Minors must not be able to access the Security system.

Security systems that use 'glow in the dark' paint and that are connected to an alarm or alarm system will be suggested but not required.

The purpose of the SOS Standards and Guidelines is to allow the owner of a firearm easy access in the event of an emergency, while at the same time preventing theft, injury or death to an authorized or unauthorized user.