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Office of the assistant secretary of defense

WASHINGTON, DC 20301-6000
December 2, 1997

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Johnannessen:

Thank you for your letter of October 11, 1997, to President Clinton concerning locking devices on federal firearms. As the head of the office responsible for firearm safety within the Department of Defense, I have been asked to reply to your correspondence. I was touched by your letter and the personal tragedy you have experienced. I was encouraged by your recognition that the President has taken positive steps to ensure weapons issued to federal agents are secure at all times.

In furtherance of the President's direction, this Department requires a trigger lock on all weapons stored outside armories. I know that directives are only as good as the people who employ the procedures. Safety is continuously stressed to prevent incidents such as the one which involved your daughter, Shanelle.

Please accept my best wishes that your daughter continues to experience a complete and full recovery.

Cheryl J. Roby Acting
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Intelligence and Security)

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