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California State Senate


June 11, 2001

John Johannessen, President
Stop Our Shootings
P.O. Box 16206
Irvine, CA 92632-6206

Dear Mr. Johanessen:

Let me commend you for your wonderful work in starting the organization Stop Our Shootings. I am happy to know of others who are involved in this fight against gun violence. I am saddened that the critical wounding of your daughter Shanelle occasioned this occurrence. I am pleased to learn that she has recovered from this serious injury; however, I am sure the trauma still remains.

As perhaps you know, I lost my son Adam to an unintentional shooting in October 1993. A young man was displaying a gun at a party, and pulled the trigger instantly killing Adam. Adam had just graduated from USC Law School, and was a person of great promise.

Perhaps the letter from me that you could use in your work could read something like this:

  • "I joined thousands of others in supporting the work of the organization, Stop Our Shootings. This organization will inform the public of the danger of guns in our society.

  • Unfortunately, our nations leads all other nations in the number of gunfire deaths with over 30,000 killed annually. This gunfire death rate is twelve times that of Western Europe. Surely, by a concerted effort, we can reduce this dreadful toll on young and old lives. I encourage people throughout the nation to support the efforts of this organization."

Senator, 21st District

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