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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

John Johannessen,

“YOUR CHILD HAS BEEN SHOT!” are words that no parent is prepared to hear. Unfortunately, one day in 1997, I heard similar words that changed my family’s lives forever.

STOP OUR SHOOTINGS was formed in response to that accidental shooting of my 12-year-old daughterand has now evolved into a program that reproduces this powerful incident to educate children in schools nationwide about the dangers of playing with guns.

We are not here today because my daughter was shot, but because she survived and showed a nation what can be done to prevent these types of tragedies. As a father who has personally dealt with this, I am personally dedicated to putting an end to these senseless tragedies, to saving lives, and to saving families.

Barbara La Bruderlin

Executive Director


When I first met Shanelle, I only noticed how beautiful this very young lady was, a mere 14 years old. With a vivacious and fun personality, she turned her head down often, afraid to smile. I barely noticed the scar on her cheek, and yet I felt the impact that a gun, carelessly stored, marked on her, her friends, her brothers, her parents and on all of her dreams for the future.

 I could feel the question in her soul – “Why me?”

 When she spoke of her very realistic dreams of being a gymnast in the Olympics her green eyes would sparkle and the dreams pour forth of an excited teen - perhaps a dancer!   Or a model or an actress! Then the excitement would fade as she realized the impact the gunshot had. And no one could fix it. Not her parents. Not me. Nothing would ever be the same.

 And thus began a journey that no one wants to take – the deep examination into shootings of children… why they happen and how to stop them. And so was born STOP OUR SHOOTINGS. For the children who survived and for the angels who didn’t…. please, Stop Our Shootings!

Barbara La Bruderlin,

Co-Founder, Stop Our Shootings, Inc.

CEO, Malibu Chamber of Commerce

Heidi Mulligan,

I came to learn of Stop Our Shootings and its mission quite by chance which was, perhaps, sprinkled with a bit of divine intervention. I was immediately drawn in. Everyday there is one more story – a tragic one – of someone becoming injured or losing their life to a child who fired a gun. This scenario is frightening and, even more importantly, completely preventable. There is much work to be done. I am the owner of A Woman Of a Thousand Words, a business support service, Senior Researcher/Writer for Punch Television Network, President of the Oak Lake Homeowners Association, and Board Member of FalkonQwest Productions and Searchlight Mercantile Co., Inc. I am proud to add to this list, a directorship on the Board of the Stop Our Shootings organization. I look forward to lending my grantwriting skills, writing expertise and ideas to this organization to help advance responsible gun ownership and gun safety/control.


Charlie Nava,

I am a Veteran and served in the U.S. army for 8 years, I have seen the harmful outcome that comes with any type of firearm, big or small. I would like to help raise awareness about the dangers in operating firearms. I believe that any type of firearm should be locked and kept in a secured location. Guns are not a toy but a means of bringing harm to others or oneself. I hope that my prior knowledge well help educate others in the issue of gun control and keeping the guns locked and properly secured, not just hiding them.  

Ken Bonner,

“Stop Our Shootings” is a topic that hits me right in to my heart.  As a graduate of Central State University in Edmond, Oklahoma, I received my Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Psychology and a Minor in Sociology.  After moving to Oakland, California, I began working for a board and care facilities in the bay area. I continued expanding my education and earned a Psychiatric Technician license from Mission College in Santa Clara, California.
Gun safety is very important to me.  Saving lives in our homes and our communities is an extreme need and must do. Our children and love ones are getting hurt or dying for no reason due to gun violence.  In the mid 1990’s, I lost a 15 year old cousin to gun violence. He shot him self to death.  In some communities murders are still unsolved causing families to grieve and mourn for their lost love ones.
As a mentor to the youth, I feel the need to help stop this crisis, and as a musician I want to help spread the messaged to all generation especially to the youth about the dangers of guns, focusing on how gun injuries and death by guns impact families.

Heidi Yewman,

There are between 200-300 million guns in homes around America. No matter what laws we do or don't pass in the near future, we still have 200-300 million guns in our homes.  I believe that we need to do everything we can to make sure those guns are stored properly so children are not "accidentally" shot. Every gun that hurts or kills a child went through the hands of an adult. It's our responsibility to keep kids away from deadly weapons. I believe in Stop Our Shootings because they are committed to educating gun owners through the powerful voices of those who have experienced, first hand, the devastation of an unsecured gun being used by a child. Through their programing, they empower victims and survivors and educate children as to the real dangers of playing with guns. As an author/writer of my book about gun violence, “Beyond the Bullet”, I feel privileged to be part of this organization.

PJ Stratton,

I am honored to be part of ‘Stop Our Shootings’ Organization mission to educate, inform and mentor children, teens and adults about the dangers of and having respect for guns and ammunition. As a young girl born and raised in Texas, I was taught how to handle and care for guns whether for hunting or protection.  They were not something to fear or play with but rather to have knowledge of in case of survival. 

In these times, our youth are educated in many things except how to protect, defend and provide for themselves in times of danger or survival and respect the tools to do so.  The citizens of the USA receive dubious messages between the government’s ‘gun control’ warnings while at the same time enjoying the entertainment industries ‘glamorization’ of guns, sex and violence through music, television and ticket sales to the latest celebrity studded cinematic blockbuster.

Since 1978, my passions as a business, media and non-profit consultant, publicist and internationally published press photographer/photojournalist have fueled my philanthropic endeavors as a Public Relations Chairman for Christian Women's Clubs, American Business Women's Association and election to the Dallas Business Council.

Ninon de Vere De Rosa,


My reason for joining your foundation is to be able to understand what is going on with this gun situation in America.  I have no idea how families go through life after losing a child through gun violence.…
Are we gravitating to everyone having a gun or are we trying to get them off the streets, or just some people can have them.My thinking is nobody really knows what is going on or what to do except to follow the leader, buy a gun and then the people selling the guns can make money, Yes! It all gets back to the same old thing Money…
I am prominently known throughout the world and at present in the Las Vegas area as a spokesperson, producer, show host, journalist, investor, and philanthropist in connection with my many charitable activities. Founder and president of KidsTalk Productions, a full-service television production company, KidsTalk Internet, Voices of Tomorrow, promoting the younger generation, by giving our youth a voice in society and our future leader of the world, founder and executive director of KidsTalk Foundation, a global philanthropic organization with offices in, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Kenya Africa. I also created “3” Easy Steps To A Mortgage Modification Plan”. “NinonSpeaks”, and “Living Consciously” TV show’s on the internet. My passion and power for interviewing people across the world is growing rapidly with Keynote Presentations | High End Corporate Staff Consulting | Management Consulting | One on One Consulting | Motivational Speaking | Small Business presentations that share the secrets to my success in business, entertainment and real estate.

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Marshall Thompson
I came to Stop Our Shootings because as a long-married parent with four adult children and I am appalled at the level of gun violence in this country, especially with the mounting toll on children.  From being raised in a career US Navy family, through Boy Scouts and Explorers I became familiar with the safe handling, use and storage of firearms.  The Second Amendment does not give you permission to be an idiot with these dangerous weapons. In my entertainment and news video production career I am frequently around movie sets where the use of firearms – even harmless theatrical versions – is strictly regulated and controlled.  It is madness to me how causal and irresponsibly some people are with firearms and I believe a combination of legislation and education is the key to reducing accidental gun fatalities.
On a personal basis, I was educated on both Coasts and Paris, France and Rome, Italy. Graduate of San Diego State University in Anthropology, graduate work in television and film.  Member Television Academy (Emmy Awards), the Public Relations Society of America-Los Angeles chapter, and the Malibu Chamber of Commerce where I was voted 2012 Small Business of the Year.   Although I do not currently possess firearms, I am a National rifle Association (NRA) member and support improvements to their firearm safety programs, more in line with ideas from the Stop Our Shootings team.
Marshall Thompson 310-403-2507
Bilingual writer.producer.director.photographer
 Stinson Brown

Stinson Brown was born May 4, 1960 in Lansing Michigan.  He was the son a fifteen-year-old mother, who due to her lack of support and resources gave him up for adoption as an infant to Mr. Joseph and Eva Brown.  He was raised by both parents until he graduated from high.  While being raised he had contact with his siblings Calvin, Carolyn (twins), Ella Mae and Levin Alston who is the youngest.  They often would stay the summers at his home to get a break from the dysfunctional life style that their mother lived. At the age of 24 he lost his brother Calvin to a massive heart attack caused by narcotic abuse and health related issues on November 3, 1986.

On January 5, 1987 Stinson Brown stood on the black line at Elysian Park Police Academy and took the oath of office and loyalty oath and was sworn in as a Los Angeles Police Officer.   Currently Stinson Brown is not married but is faithful to his girlfriend. Stinson has 29 + years of service with the LAPD and has worked a variety of assignments which includes eight years as a Drill Instructor and mentored close to 400 recruits.  Currently he is assigned to Operations-South Bureau, Criminal Gang – Homicide Division as a Gang Intervention Liaison.  Prior to accepting this assignment Stinson Brown only son, Stinson Ameer Brown was murdered without provocation on July 17, 2009 after returning to a house party in Baldwin Hills to pick up a friend who was stranded.

Though Stinson’s’ life has been changed indelibility forever he still finds time to mentor young men between the ages of 11 to 19 years of age through his non-profit BrotherIIBrother.  He also on occasion gets asked to speak at gang funerals and attend candle light vigils to inspire and encourage bereaved families.  Stinson believes that the Lord has given him a ministry for young men as he shares his testimony on how he forgave the young man that murdered his only son and chose to live a life that fosters unconditional love, peace and living life to its full potential.  He also plans on doing consulting work internationally when he retires June 1 2017, which will mark 30 years and five months of service with LAPD. 

"First let me say that I believe that the 'Stop the Shootings' campaign is much needed during a time when violence has unfortunately become common place in our society. I'll conclude with an Aramaic Proverb:  'There are four things in life that never return: The spoken word, The sped arrow, Life and a neglected opportunity."